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18mva 33kv Ladel Furnace Transformer with on Load Tap Changer XKSSP-18000 1
18mva 33kv Ladel Furnace Transformer with on Load Tap Changer XKSSP-18000 2
18mva 33kv Ladel Furnace Transformer with on Load Tap Changer XKSSP-18000 1
18mva 33kv Ladel Furnace Transformer with on Load Tap Changer XKSSP-18000 2

18mva 33kv Ladel Furnace Transformer with on Load Tap Changer XKSSP-18000

Ladle transformer is used as ladle power transformer. Using high power electric furnace, the furnace and continuous casting and rolling refining outside "quaternary" process equipment, it is the development direction of Chinas steel enterprises. The process of molten steel is beginning to refine and respectively in two different equipment. To melt and initial adjustment only plays the role of furnace, composition of high power function adequately, increase production capacity of electric arc furnace, improve steel production.


However after second time refine the quality of steel was improved highly and easy to adjust, which greatly improve steel components, expand the varieties of steel ladle, so is being widely used. In the early 1970s introduced from China, ladle, production of similar products also arise, in the 1990s ladle and ladle transformer have developed rapidly, and in 1997 by the industry standard JB/implementation of T8594-1997 "ladle.


Model NO.: XKSSP-18000/33

Cooling Method: Oil-immersed Type Transformer

Winding Type: Multi-winding Transformer


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    Model NO.  XKSSP-18000/33 Ladle Furnace  Lf Transformer
    Cooling Method  Oil-immersed Type Transformer Furnace  Steel Plant
    Winding Type  Multi-winding Transformer Transport Package  Wooden Case for Accessories
    Certification  ISO9001-2000, ISO9001 Specification  IEC, CE, ISO
    Usage  Electric Arc Furnace Transformer for Steel Trademark  VILLE
    Frequency Characteristics  High Frequency Origin  Ningbo China
    Shape of Core  Ring HS Code 8504231100
    Brand  Cnville Production Capacity  50000 Sets/Year

    Main function and characteristic

    Electric furnace transformers are transformers which supply power to the electric furnaces. It can drop high voltage to the working voltage the electric furnaces need.

    There are many kinds of electric furnaces,so there are many kinds of electric furnace transformers cooperating with them.Now,our company manufactures following electric furnace transformers:electric furnace transformers used in steelelectric furnaces(including on-laod,no-load and enclosed reactor) ; mineral hot furnace transformers used to smelt kinds of iron alloys,hydrosilicons,carbides,etc(single phase,three phases on-load and no-load tap changer).They are low loss and energy-saving products.Cooling methods are self-cooling, forced oil water cooling, etc.It can be designed specially according with customers' requirements.

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    H--Steelmaking arc furnace,HJ--ladle furnace,HZ--electro-slag furnace,HC--calcium carbide furnace,HK--mineral hot furnace,HG--line frequency induction furnace;
    Number of phase: D--single phase,S--three phase;
    Types of cooling device: ONAN,wind cooling F,water cooling S.
    The methods of oil circulation:Natural circulation,forced oilcirculation P.
    Tap changer: Off-circuit tap changer,OLTC Z.
    Enclosed attached device: Changing leakage flux,enclosed reactor K.
    Rated capacity: KVA.
    Voltage class: KV.

    Transformer Specification

    Rated Power: 18MVA

    OverLoad Power: 33MVA

    Rated Voltage HV

    Winding: 33KV Rated Voltage LV Winding: 260V~450V
    Freq: 50Hz

    OnLoad Tap Changer
    OFWF Cooling
    Connection Symbol: Yd5

    Order Instructions
    When you choose our company product, please offer following data:
    Transformer model: Rated capacity: kVA
    Phase: Three-phase
    Frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ

    ds (2)

    Rated voltage ( H.V. / L.V. ) 
    Tapping range: ± , × ,  %
    Insulation level: LI, AC / LI, AC, kv
    Veotor group: Dyn11, Yyno, Other
    Short-circuit Impedance: %
    Cooling method: ONAN, ONAF
    Tapping method: OLTC, OCTC, Other
    Other requirement                                         
    We also can design special products according to customer's particular requirements.

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