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Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer

Series Reactors are used in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) to provide furnace operation with longer arcs, lower currents and lower electrode consumption. Such reactors are very useful in the first melting period. With the molten scrap, the absence of the series reactor would allow higher power transfer to the EAF, reducing the tap-to-tap cycle, thus increasing productivity.

This kind of switch applies to the single-phase combination oil-immersed transformer electrical power with rated voltage of 10KV-24KV, rated current of 30A-63A; the voltage-regulating mode are: central part, terminal point ncutral point, which canbe dircctly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer, exchange under the off-circuit condition. Type WDTII Single phase-tap changer (delta connection) - Used in mineral oil or silicon oil - Rated voltage 10KV-24KV - Rated current from 30A- 63A - Tapping position:3-7 - Regulation 2.5% per position
Power Transformer 230-242kV on-load-tap-changing power transformer is made of high-quality silicon-steel sheets, and laminated by steps. t is advantageous in low loss, low noise, low voltage partial discharge and high anti short-circuit capacity. The dynamical and thermal stability of this transformer, of which the coils are winded by high-quality oxygen-free copper wire as well as used pre-compressing brackets processes and interior and exterior structure. The transformer tank used wave form shell, has very nice appearance, the core is with D shape yoke and 45 angle seaming. The core and oil box are well fixed and well protected on moving.
Application: Power Phase: Three Core: Core-type Transformer Cooling Method: Oil-immersed Type Transformer Winding Type: Multi-winding Transformer
High reliability, advanced level of performance, economic indicators and reasonable; Using phase-shaped core of three joints, curing paint brushing the surface to reduce wear and tear and noise; Winding structure of a new oil road design is reasonable, with the new insulation to improve the mechanical strength and the ability to engage in short-circuit; Tank forms, beautiful, generous Core is with advanced three steps: Vertical and horizontal and horizontal cut, lap and multi-stage. It disperses the air distribution, improve the magnetic path. Decrease the empty loading loss, current and noise. Core with dragged panel, pressed the coil, particular glue for silicon steel; A set of measures to increase the mechanical strength. New structure of high and low voltage wrapping, reasonable arrangement for oil tube and connection, increase the capacity of mechanical strength and anti-shortcut. Oil box is bell type or core suspension type, the wall of oil box is as wave form
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