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YBD-12/0.4 buried box substation 1
YBD-12/0.4 buried box substation 1

YBD-12/0.4 buried box substation


YBD-12/0.4 series of buried box-type substation (referred to as buried box-type substation) is a new generation of box-type substation newly developed on the basis of full study and discussion of modern urban construction and management. The main part or all of it is buried in the ground, occupying a small area, and the hammer does not occupy an area. The visual effect is very good, which effectively solves the contradiction between the shortage of urban land and urban management. The product is in harmony with the surrounding environment and is highly respected by experts and users. Buried box-type substation means that the complete sets of equipment of the box-type substation are all installed in a fully sealed box and the whole is set below the ground level. It is the same as the box-type substation on the ground. The internal equipment is also the same. The 10kV input voltage is reduced to 400/220V distribution voltage through the transformer and then distributed to the load point. It can be used in the ring network power distribution system and can also be used as a substation powered by the radial power grid terminal. This fully buried type, also known as underground substation, its box has excellent anti-corrosion ability and pressure resistance, and has absolute sealing.

pursuit of "novelty" and "beauty", reflecting the environmental protection of modern urban power facilities, is not only the current trend of power construction and development, but also an important symbol of the degree of modern civilization of a city. Our company aims to create first-class power equipment, beautify the urban environment, and serve the society. We actively strive to solve the current difficulties in the installation and maintenance of power equipment, such as overhead line entry projects, coastal typhoon salt spray erosion, and environmental vision, and introduce and absorb foreign advanced Technology has developed a series of environmentally friendly non-metallic buried substation products.

normal conditions of use

1, altitude: altitude is not more than 1000m

2. Ambient temperature: maximum temperature + 4CTC high and low temperature -30 bar

3. Relative humidity: at 25°C, the relative temperature of the air does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average does not exceed 90%

4, installation environment: the installation environment should be no obvious pollution, no explosive, corrosive gas and dust. The installation site shall be free of severe vibration and shock and shall not be placed in low-lying places.

5. Special conditions of use: In addition to the above normal conditions of use, other conditions of use shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB1094.1, GB/T11022, GB/T1404B.1 and GB7251.1.

structural features

The complete sets of devices of the fully buried pre-assembled substation are all installed in a fully sealed box, which is divided into high-voltage switch room, transformer room and low-voltage switch room. Each room is equipped with lighting devices, and is equipped with a lock switch and is equipped with forced ventilation devices and temperature control, heaters and other equipment.

All the above-mentioned equipment is arranged below the ground level as a whole. Its internal equipment is the same as that of the conventional pre-installed substation on the ground. It is reduced from 10kv input voltage to 400/220V distribution voltage through transformer and then transmitted to the load point. The key technology of this fully buried pre-installed substation is the sealing, anti-corrosion and anti-pressure capability of the box body. Specifically:

1, the box from the bottom to the wall body to be able to after 50 years of underground immersion buried without a little bit of rot phenomenon;

2, to withstand the soil and groundwater pressure of the extrusion and immersion, while the wall remains intact;

3. All sealing points such as equipment channel entrance, personnel entrance and exit, cable entrance and exit must be able to withstand the osmotic pressure of groundwater, without water stains inside, and keep the inside of the wall dry and free of moisture.

YBD1-12 fully buried pre-installed substation in addition to meet the above basic requirements, it also has three major functions:

1. There are two water sinks at the narrow end of the box. In rainy days, rainwater can be quickly discharged into the sewer through the water sinks without entering the pre-installed substation;

2. In addition to drainage in rainy days, the water receiving tank is also an air outlet for circulating ventilation inside the box. Air enters the box through the air inlet to form exchange, which can maintain the balance of temperature and humidity in the box and reduce the temperature rise of the transformer;

3. In case of a flood that occurs once in 50 years or once in a hundred years, the rise of groundwater causes the sewer to flow backwards. When the water tank cannot be drained, the wind-exposed device will automatically shut down to isolate the inside and outside of the box, which will have no effect on the equipment and the pre-installed substation will continue to operate.

Performance Benefits

at present, substations in some cities in our country are mostly located in the basements of high-rise buildings. Once they encounter heavy water, they are basically submerged, and most of the equipment is damaged and useless after the water is withdrawn. If the fully buried pre-installed substation is used as the power distribution device, the equipment can be avoided from being soaked by flood. The fully buried pre-installed substation has the following more advantages:

1, it can greatly save land, no land acquisition and civil construction, save infrastructure investment.

2, there are no obstacles on the ground, does not affect the environment, does not affect people's vision and viewing.

3, installed in the lawn, green belt buried on the ground can also design some decorative embellishments, such as sculpture, rockery, etc.; If you need to be in a large square, beside the road, if there is no obstacle on the ground (including ventilation pipes), you can choose the square type pre-installed substation. This pre-installed substation vent can not be exposed to the ground level.

4. The power distribution equipment of the fully buried pre-installed substation is set underground, with high safety and reliability.

5, the ground is not affected by transformer noise.

6. Because the underground is relatively cool, the temperature rise of the transformer is relatively stable during operation.

7. The internal space of the fully buried pre-assembled substation is relatively spacious, and the maintenance operation will not interfere with the ground and the surrounding environment.

Installation dimension drawing

design customization
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