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Outdoor floor-type prepaid metering device 1
Outdoor floor-type prepaid metering device 1

Outdoor floor-type prepaid metering device


floor-standing demarcation switch integrated prepaid metering device is a product that changes the high-voltage metering, switching and control box on the column into a cabinet structure. It is composed of an integral pouring dry high-pressure metering box and ZW32F intelligent demarcation switch. The box is made of stainless steel or iron plate plastic spraying material. This product is easy to install in structure and has beautiful appearance. The high-voltage part is completely isolated from the low-voltage meter room, and the high-voltage room cannot be opened when the equipment is charged. The high-voltage room door can be opened only when the power is cut off, which is safe and reliable. The product occupies a small area, is the living area, industrial and mining enterprises and box-type transformer supporting the use of the perfect combination of products. Personnel can directly open the door to check the bottom of the meter and operate the switch locally. The transformer adopts fully enclosed epoxy resin vacuum casting, so the aging problem is eliminated. The demarcation switch part adopts vacuum switch and has zero sequence and protection current transformer. It realizes zero sequence, overcurrent and quick break protection with intelligent controller, and can realize automatic removal of single-phase ground fault and automatic isolation of phase short circuit fault. Ensure electrical safety for non-fault users. This product has FTU function to realize remote switching and closing. It also has GPRS remote control function (see "Description of Intelligent Controller" below for details).

normal conditions of use

a. The altitude shall not exceed 3000m; pollution grade: grade IV.

B. ambient air temperature:-40 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; daily temperature difference: daily variation of 25 ℃.

c. The wind speed is not more than 35 m/s; the earthquake intensity is not more than 8.

d. There is no flammable, explosive hazard and chemical corrosion.

Reference Standard

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Floor-type intelligent prepaid high-voltage metering box (demarcation switch integrated prepaid metering device) outline structure diagram:

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