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New Energy Stamping Aluminum Strip 1
New Energy Stamping Aluminum Strip 2
New Energy Stamping Aluminum Strip 1
New Energy Stamping Aluminum Strip 2

New Energy Stamping Aluminum Strip

The composite strength is high, and the surface composite between copper and aluminum is realized. According to the different use can adjust the material of the substrate, the state of the material, adjust the comprehensive performance of the material, to meet the requirements of different use occasions. Can achieve bending, drilling, deep drawing and other processing.

1.Material: Aluminum

2.Color: Sliver

3.Uses: Aluminium tape for transformers. Aluminium tape for cables. Aluminum tape for stamping. Aluminum tape for heater.

Lamp stamping material aluminum belt. Auto parts stamped aluminum strip.


 Alloy No. Copper Plate Brass Plate Series 1, 3,5,6 series, 7series
Width 600-1000mm 600-3000mm 200-1350mm
 Thickness 0.5-3.0MM 3.0-300MM 0.5-4.5MM
Application Power, decoration, carving, mold making, etc



Model Explanation 

It is a deep processing product formed by aluminum coil slitting. It is an important raw material in industry.

According to the different alloying elements contained in the aluminum strip, the aluminum strip and the aluminum plate are also divided into eight series. However, the commonly used series are 1000,3000,5000 and 8000 series.

According to the different annealing states of the aluminum strip, the aluminum strip can be divided into full soft (o state) semi-hard (H24) full hard (h18). The most commonly used should belong to the full soft series, because the O state is easier to stretch and bend.

Our Advantage

* Plasticity 

* corrosion resistance

* electrical and thermal conductivity

* easy to withstand pressure processing

*easy to withstand stretching, bending



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